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Plastic Glue

Ed Kellock was looking for glue for some small plastic parts - thouht 
my reply might help others.

Ed - Devcon makes a two-part epoxy-type glue called "Plastic 
Welder".  ABSOLUTELY the finest plastic adhesive I've ever found. 
If it's plastic, this stuff puts it together.  I used it to repair some 
obscure unobtanium plastic mount/pivot parts in my used european 
headlights and they've held beautifully - and they were a hard plastic 
of a type which is difficult to glue.

ACE hardware is a good place to look for it; I have a seen a product 
which LOOKS similar at Wal-Mart under a store brand name, but I 
haven't used up the Devcon and will look hard for it when I do run 
out..  My thanks to Dave Head for this info.
Al Powell
1958 Fiat 1200 Spyder "Transformabile"
1983 Datsun 280ZXT
1990 Audi 200