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re: Interior light relay V8 Quattro

Keith Padgalskas wrote:
 The problem is this: the interior lights won't shut off when the
doors are closed unless the light switches are in the off position. If they
are in the position that would normally result in the interior lights
shutting off after a short delay, they stay on forever. I assume there is a
delay switch somewhere that has worn out. 

The problem may be less complicated than you think.  It could be a damaged
light switch at a door or at the trunk lid.  These are inside rubber boots
and the plunger is plastic.  If one of these gets snagged by a coat or
other object, it will snap off and the system will think the door is open
all the time...closed or not.  But you won't see the snapped off plunger
because it's inside the still intact rubber boot.

Check the door switches.  Let us know if this is the problem.
Dave C.