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Re: Dexcool: Pro/con?

Rob -

> Having just received the new afterrun pump (thanks again to
> Chris Semple!) I am about to open the cooling system on
> infamous 87 5kcst- when a thought occurred to me- is that
> leave-it-in-for-ages Dex-cool coolant:
> Beneficial/detrimental/same effect but more expensive/
> as opposed to the good ol' green kind?
> Am curious what the consensus on this stuff is.

Well, it's phosphate free, which is a requirement that some of the good
ol' green stuff doesn't meet. (Some does; just be sure to check for
that.) I went with Texaco Dex-Cool. If nothing else, it's helpful that
it's dyed orange, so that you can quickly tell it apart from any other
leaking fluid (e.g. green Pentosin). Whatever you use, distilled water
is a good choice for dilution, rather than tap water. It seems like auto
parts stores would sell distilled water next to coolant.

> Also, if anyone knows who can beat the dealer price of $70+
> special order for the upper MC radiator hose, I'd be anxious
> to know. (Part looks fine... I'm just in there already, and
> it seems time to quit pushing my luck with the *final*
> unreplaced bit of cooling system on this car!)

I believe mine was $38 (still not cheap!) from Linda at Carlsen Audi. If
you've not ordered from her before, check the vendors page at the list's
web site. The Parts Connection and other suppliers probably have similar

Sounds like you've already replaced the lower radiator hose and
thermostat, right? I mention it because I intended to replace the upper
hose only; once I had things apart, I found the lower hose was not in
great shape, either. I should've ordered both at the same time, but
instead I let the car sit while I waited for the lower hose to be

- Wallace
  '87 5kcstq 152k