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Old news I know but I finally got to see a TT at the Minneapolis (Apology
for an) Auto show.  Does it strike any one else that there is a similar link
to the New Beetle that the Karmann Ghia had to the old Beetle?  The same
elements of design but stretched and flattened as before.  Good looking car!
Daimler Chrysler, or whatever it is, had the best display by actually daring
to bring concept cars to an Auto show.  I think their design team has been
reading a lot of comic books but the cars are great fun.  As to the rest,
it's like walking through a big dealership.  Ah well!  Guess I was spoiled
by the London Auto Show, at Earls Court, when I was a kid!  It seemed to be
more exciting.
Forgive me if this is rehashing discussion.

John Heath