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RE: Subject: Re: UFO brakes

Chris, there's just no way to get a standard on-the-car lathe on that setup.
I'd be real surprised if one was ever developed for Audi once the service
life was realized, and if so I sincerely doubt that any dealership actually
spent the money to buy one given Audi was paying for G60 conversions.

If you do find one, buy it.

As I recall, Wolff had a hell of a time doing it with the rotor OFF the car.

Don't forget, all that rust filling up the vent holes is killing your
surface cooling ability as well; reduced area for heat transfer, and reduced
airflow capacity.

As an aside, I have a brandy-new set of UFO pads for sale. "Eurorotor"
brand, part number M7346 D467. Bought them March 1998 from KVR for $63
shipped. Anyone can take them for $50 shipped. I won't be using them; I'm
doing a hi-po brake conversion.


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		'91 200q20v, 110k miles
		Pulled off my UFOs this weekend (they have about 40k miles
on them).  Couple
		The pad covers pretty much the entire surface of the rotor,
from inside to
		out.  The rotors are vented, and open on the inside (near
the hub) and outside
		(near the wheel).  Over time, the open portions of the vents
starts to rust...
		the rust moves into the metal, under the surface where the
pad rests.  As the
		metal rusts, it expands; the pads wear on it, the surface
gets uneven, and the
		inner and outer edge of the pads get worn deeper than the
center area of the
		pads.  This leaves a "lip" on the inner and outer edge of
the rotors, both
		sides.  I'd say this would be a good reason for the rotors
		"warping"; some good hard braking will set the pads to the
actual shape of the
		rotor surface.

		Question:  anyone in the New England area have an on-the-car
brake lathe that
		can true UFO rotors?  The pads have about 1/3 to 1/4 their
life left, and I'd
		like to _not_ install the new pads I purchased until I have
the rotors turned.
		Per Mr. Bentley, the on-the-car lathe is the way to go on
UFOs.  I have not
		approached a dealer about this yet.
		Thanks, chris miller, windham nh, c1j1miller@aol.com
		'91 200q20v site ==>