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RE: Tool 2084

Sorry about reposting this message; I sent it out first w/o a subject.

> someone wrote:
> > On the positive side, I felt somewhat bad about spending $59 on the 2084
> to >only use it once, now there is another chance if the above doesn't
> work!
> If memory serves correctly tool #2084 is used to lock the crankshaft
> damper in order to remove the damper bolt from the crankshaft.  Years ago
> a friend and I fabricated a replacement tool out of plate steel and a
> short section of steel pipe (at the time the official tool was around $79
> from Zelenda).  We welded the pipe at 90 degrees to a section of plate and
> notched the pipe to engage the crankshaft damper key.  Critical items were
> to select a pipe diameter to fit inside the crankshaft damper and to
> determine the shape of the plate steel based on enough length to engage
> the anti-rear mount.  Width of the plate was based on clearing any nearby
> obstructions.  Thickness of the plate steel was either 1/8-inch or
> 1/4-inch, don't remember but I'm sure either would work.  Works perfectly;
> total cost about $4-5 US and some sweat equity.  My friend had a machine
> shop in his basement so we spent a bit more time making the tool 'pretty'
> than was necessary; even crude but stout construction would work.  Anyone
> with access to a welder, cutting torch, and perhaps a jig saw could easily
> fabricate one.  A dedicated DIY-selfer could do a service for the list by
> fabricating a few.  Just a thought.
> If anyone is interested or wants to post it I can send a picture.  
> Bob Enis
> Knoxville, TN