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Oil Smell 91 200TQ Again!

Beautiful day, 40s, I'm lying under the Audi peacefully enjoying the melting
snow.  I look up and see that the line from the pump to the bomb is wet and
it has a little drop hanging on the bend and the reservoir is at min.  Seems
to be originating from the junction that Bentley labels the damper hose.  I
remember a thread about repairing hoses at hydraulic equipment facilities.
With the complexity of this one is that advised?  Any part numbers?
I also found the very small coolant leak which has required a monthly top
up.  It's the u shaped hose from radiator to thermostat housing.  Any part
number there?
I do see a trace of engine oil at the front of the oil pan.  I assume this
is the front seal but it could be the pressure line sharing it's wealth.  I
guess we'll take it one at a time.
The right side is fairly clean.  I don't think my drive flange seals are
leaking yet.  Knock on Zebrano.

Any tips or tricks about R&R of that pressure line would be very much

John Heath