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Re: Sprongle's S2 coupe

From:          Kwattro@aol.com
Date:          Sat, 13 Mar 1999 23:06:54 EST
To:            quattro@coimbra.ans.net
Subject:       Sprongle's S2 coupe

 Carter J. wrote:

>Ok, watching a 1998 Speedvision rally in the desert (where it snowed!) and the
>S2 of Frank had the only snow tires in the entire field.  Using his advantage,
>Sprogle made up a deficit to win the race.  But the wild part - at the end, he
>drove off the podium and started doing DONUTS with the car.  Not one, not two.
>The camera faded with him still spinning on one tire (3 smoking..) after
>probably 10 revolutions.   Nuts.  
>Pure Nuts.  

 Yeah, just when you think you have quite a bit a h.p. in your own car,
go out and try doing consecutive dry pavement 360's spinning the car
on its own axis. I've no trouble doing this in snow,ice,gravel but wouldn't
even come close to be able to pull something like this on pavement.
 My mouth fell open while watching Sprongle do this
and did you see how close the crowd watching this was to the car? 
They were within feet of the spinning S2! Damn good driver is all I have
to say! Now, where can I get that lehmann 400+h.p. motor for cheap;-)

Chad Clark '87 5k Tq-now lusting for more h.p.!!!
Colorado Springs, CO