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Fuel Pump ck valve replacement

I'm trying to replace the check valve on the fuel pump (85 CGT). The design
seems to be a little flawed, and I need some BTDT advice. The banjo bolt on
the outside end will not break loose from the check valve, which is now loose
from the pump body. The 2 electric terminals stand off the pump so close to
the check valve hex as to preclude any wrench or means of holding it from
turning so as to remove the banjo bolt. There is a side connection tube which
would break the terminal off if not held from turning. Any ideas or experience
with pearls of wisdom? Am I going to have to fabricate/modify a tool to do
this? Are the terminals removable? It does not appear so, and I _don't_ want
to break them.  TIA

Desperate In Denver
Dennis Graber
PS Don't need the car tomorrow, but would like to finish tonite.