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200qw saga continues

Well, I changed the 02 sensor, spark plugs, cap, rotor, air filter, oil,
oil filter, repaired the TPS switch, cleaned the idle valve, changed
valve cover gasket, painted the valve cover, changed intake hoses &
breather hoses, replaced all but 2 heater hoses (the ones that go into
the car), discovered my coolant tank has a crack, replaced the
thermostat, all the switches above the thermostat (including multi
func), the switch in the radiator, and put everything back together.
Checked the funky intake hose above the air filter many times - not
quite sure it's back on correctly (any trick to this), and then tried to
start the car.

It fires up, idles rock steady at 900 rpm, runs for about 45 secs, and
then dies, with 3 chimes from somewhere in the dash. Requires sitting
around for 10 minutes before it wil fire up again. If you let it run at
2k rpm and then let go the accelerator, it will die immediately.

Prior to my disassembly, it used to idle at 1100 rpm, and rpms would
recede very slowly if the throttle was let go.

Discoved the 2nd relay in the fuse box is missing, and has a wire 
jumpering 2 of the terminals. Removing the wire let to nothing happening
when the key was turned.

Also, at sometime in the last week, the check engine light has started
displaying big blocks of squares.

Any ideas? Could the ECU have gotten fried due to my charging of the

I'm exhausted and stumped. Would appreciate any help.

I am considering making a run to the mechanics. However, I have not yet
bled the cooling system, since the engine does not run for enough time.
Is there anything special to do? If I leave the cap slightly open, will
I be OK?

The friggin' water temp guage is still dead. Was hoping the multi temp
switch replacement would get it started again...

Thanks. Samir.