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Re: TT

     Your observations on the TT do hold water, but for me the line get drawn 
between the '48~'55 pre A Porsche 356 and the TT. The original K60 VW, was 
designed by Erwin Komenda (? sorry I may have mis-spelled that) in the mid 30's. 
He also penned the orignal 356. If one look at Mr. Mayes work on the "new" 
Beetle, and it apes the orignal Beetle, and he also did the TT, I see a styling 
parallel to be drawn. Besides pick up a picture of a pre A, the one with the 
very low bumpers, and the straight side (no tuck under like the B, and C) and I 
think you will agree.
Rick Glesner
Littleton, Colorado
'91 90q20v
'82 911 SC
'83 Rx-7 SCCA Spec Racer #27 (for sale)