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Re: '84 4KQ Questions

> Somebody mentioned to me that the only interior that came on
> the '84 Qs was the brown. Is this true?

Of course it is.  When the guy who runs the list (and a former
84 owner) tells you something, it's pretty likely to be accurate :)

> explain to me more about the '84Q. I'm curious what colors it was
> available in.

Red, black, silver, white.

> crash protection, sunroof mechanisms and
> rust proofing. Would the interior from a later 4KQ fit in the '84?

Same crash, sunroof mechanism, rust proofing (ie not galvanized).

> Does it
> share the same wheelbase as the Ur-Q?

Don't think so.

> Is there anything else I should know
> or consider going after the earlier car?

Older dash, more prone to electrical glitches, more prone to rust
(based on age alone).  Rumors of different rear diff and stiffer shocks
are most likely unfounded.  Quad lights, no side skirts, different 
bumpers are the other major differences.

Overall, it's mostly cosmetic.  Personally I still miss my 84 though
it was a crapbox.  I hope it's given its new owner (who stiffed me
on a $300 check) lots of trouble.

> and thus has rear roll up windows.

Yes.  All 4kqs were 5sp, no autos.
The diff lock mechanism is also different, the 84 uses a Bowdoin
cable off the front actuator to trigger the rear lock.

If you can find a rust free clean example, I say go for it.
But if you find a nice 85-87, those are just as nice.

| Dan |