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4ksq Owner's Manual

Does anybody have a spare 1985 4ksq owner's manual? I didn't get one when
I picked up my "new" car this weekend, and I'd like to have one.
Alternately, could somone who does have one answer a couple of questions
for me, please:

1.	How does the diff locking switch in the center console work. At what
speeds, etc. And what are the recommended usages for each of the two

2.	How does the climate control work (i.e what settings should I use for
heat, a/c, defrost, etc. THe two slider directional thing is throwing me
off, plus the fact that when I crank it to full heat, the center two
vents blow cold air while the outside ones blow hot. Is it supposed to
work like this or do I need to repair something?



85 4ksq
86 VW GTI 
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