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RE: UFO Rotors

Regarding the relative weights of the V8Q and the other cars, and the R&T
info I posted on Saturday, Jim Catterson said that his V8 far outweighs the
S2.  Indeed, it does.  But the comparison I posted was among the '90 V8, the
'91 200Q, and the '92 S4.  The TESTED weight difference between the V8 and
the S4 is 40 lbs, with the V8 weighing in at 4030 and the S4 at 3990.
That's almost a wash. I'd wager that if the S2 were thrown into the
equation, G60s or otherwise, it would stop a lot more quickly.

As Alex just pointed out, for street use, either UFOs or G60s work fine.
I've had to rely on both in LA traffic and on the freeway.  For track use,
neither is ideal.

- Jim