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Re: Ronin - must see TV; Authentic engine noise???

Ronin is required watching for the qlist and any other European car

Just saw it for the first time last night-- Not only is there a
fantastic S8 chase scene, the whole movie is filled with 5 star auto
chase scenes.  They must have wrecked at least 100 cars.  Never having
driven or ridden in an S8, (or A8, or V8q for that matter,) does anyone
have an opinion on wheter or not the engine sounds heard from inside the
S8 (and inside other cars in the movie) were authentic or dubbed in??  I
noticed the chinsy "tickety tickety tick" engine noise during a scene in
a Jeep Cherokee-- sounds right to me.


Anand Dhanda wrote:
> Just popped it in and can't wait!  So far(about 45 seconds) it looks ummm
> well interesting. When is the S8 chase?
> Sorry for the WOB
> Anand Dhanda
> A.K.A. Technik
> dhandas@cwixmail.com
> '98.5 A4 2.8QMS

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