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Tire chains...

Hi All,

What kind of tire chains can one put on a 5kq?  What should one watch out
for when fitting? (I'm thinking avoid beat-the-strut-to-death if that's a
problem on the 5kq -- I know some fwd cars had tolerance issues with chains)

How useful are chains in general on a quattro?

If you fit one pair, if front or rear generally more useful?

Why am I asking all these questions -- I am heading down to CA from WA to
pick up a 5kcs (Yeah! I have a quattro!!!) and drive it back to Seattle.  My
father in law, who lives down there in CA, is insisting on purchasing some
tire chains for me so I can get over those evil and dreaded Siskiyous in

Now both you and I know that the quattro on a 5k is a more sophisticated 4x4
than the Bronco I have, and the chances of needing chains on this trip, or
for that matter, any trip, are remote.  Still, I know better than to argue
with him, so if he wants to buy chains, it easier just to get chains.  That
being the case, I'll want to get the most useful chains I can get, and know
as much about chains on a quattro as possible before I use them.


Woodinville, WA
Audi -- soon