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rock and roll

well, i know that there is more snow on the east coast of the usa, so i
won't mention sun-drenched days at the beach, or watching dolphins playing
in the surf 100m from our porch while tracey and i are sipping a fine
beaverage in the late afternoon sun, because that wouldn't be kind...

but i do want to say that the station wagon acquitted itself nobily again
this weekend with a 600km dash to a friends wedding and back.  while it
doesn't have the dynamics of the ur-quattro, it is a truly fast and
comfortable way to travel.  it's ability to overtake a line of traffic very
quickly, accompanied with a very nice sound track and a pleasing rock back
into the seats, is superb.  the gearbox is very good (apart from fore aft
slowness), with fast across-the-gate changes and very good precision.  and
it seems to behave even beter when loaded with cobber.  the steering looses
accuracy, but the initial body roll (absent in the ur-q) goes and the car's
performance and braking seem to cope well as well.

at the time for its annual service, the car has been relaible with the only
fault a faulty fuel sender gauge in 2 years of ownership...

'95 rs2
'90 ur-q