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RE: fuse box upgrade

	I wrote:

	From my point of view the only real improvement afforded by the swap
is that you will get the blade-style fuses, which means a better electrical
connection on each and every fuse in the box.  The same type of relays and
connectors seem to be used, so unless Audi decided to derate the connector
pins there isn't anything inherently more reliable about the underhood box
as compared to the "Rabbit-style" (yes the ur-q has exactly the same P/N as
my '78 Audi Fox or a VW Rabbit!) under dash unit.  From what I have found
the underhood fusebox has a separate case to protect it from the elements
and the fusebox itself is held in place by a couple of plastic clips.  

	... interestingly enough, at about the same time I was writing this,
a fusebox from a 5k arrived at my house.  While I have yet to try to fit it
to the ur-q it did give me an opportunity to give it a once over.  Perhaps
the biggest item that I had been unaware of was the fact that the wiring
harness connectors are all "spade" style (i.e. just like the relays and the
bladed fuses).  This means that by definition the existing harnesses will be
incompatible with the new fusebox.  

	Steve Buchholz
	San Jose, CA (USA)