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Re: audi dealer thread

C1J1Miller@aol.com wrote:
> My opinion:
> I don't generally mind paying a car dealership a labor rate that is somewhat
> higher than an indepedant shop charges; I understand they have different
> overhead requirements.  However, I do have a problem with dealerships charging
> 100% markup (or whatever ridiculous amount) on parts... 

AoA sets list prices in their price book, which figures a markup for the
dealer (probably about 45%, but I really never checked). You can pretty
much blame them, and not the dealer, for prices. However, dealers who
haven't made enough already on the part have been know to mark them up
additionally. My Saab dealer experience was we added a nickel or dime to
every part (easy to do with the computer) to alter the list price.
Doesn't hurt on one sale, but adds up at year's end (managers get
bonuses on profits, you see). Some are far worse, and use a percentage.
If you call several area dealers and ask for prices on the same part,
you'll quickly find out who the pirates are.
FWIW we didn't do that at the VW-Audi-Porsche franchise...

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