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RE: WTB:5k radiator

I did check out the link ... thanks for the pointer Dave!

Having had a brand new radiator that didn't last long I strongly recommend
checking out what brand of radiator one gets for that $117.  If you are
getting a good quality aftermarket unit (like Modine) or an OEM unit (Behr?)
you're likely to be OK.  My first attempt I got an off-brand all metal unit
which started leaking within two years.  I made sure that the replacement
was a Modine unit and it hasn't been a problem since.  As I reported at the
time, I was amazed to find that the dry Modine unit was noticeably heavier
than the original replacement unit ... even though it still had some water
left inside!

My recollection was that I paid somewhere near $200 for the Modine ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)

	You can buy a NEW one for $150 or less.
	Why fool around with a used one unless you know it's relatively new?

	Check out this link for a NEW one priced at $117.


	Dave C.