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Re: Ronin - must see TV; Authentic engine noise???

> driven or ridden in an S8, (or A8, or V8q for that matter,) does anyone
> have an opinion on wheter or not the engine sounds heard from inside the
> S8 (and inside other cars in the movie) were authentic or dubbed in??  I
> noticed the chinsy "tickety tickety tick" engine noise during a scene in
> a Jeep Cherokee-- sounds right to me.


According to the director's commentary on the DVD's supplementary soundtrack,
the main sound engineer for the movie took all the cars to the racetrack in
order to get authentic "noises" for them.

One of the director's comments (I can't recall his name right now) was that he
was trying to make the movie and the chase scenes so well that another director
would think twice before trying to make a movie with better car chases. 
Apparently, all of the scenes are live action with no "blue screen" computer
imagery.  So yes, they really were tearing through the streets of Nice at 85+
miles an hour!



'84 4kq
'85 turbo GT Coupe