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Braking or stopping Noise

Subject: Noise when braking

I have an interesting problem with my 1993, Model 90 with ABS.
>         I am experiencing a noise when it brakes, even at extremely
>         low speeds forward.  The brakes are in excellent condition
>         with new front rotors and pads.  It has ABS.  The noise
>         appears to be coming from the left front side and sounds as
>         though the caliper is being dragged or rotated.  I can't find
>         the problem and we have had two experienced Audi
>         mechanics look at it also.  The car drives, steers and brakes
>         just fine and there is no sign of any wear or looseness in the

>         front end components.  I'm sure the car is safe, but the
>         noise is very disconcerting.   Any suggestions would be

Ron Johnstone, Home (408) 247-5305, Work (925) 371-4188