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A transistorized CV Joint?

    Picking anyone's brain out there for their thoughts.  Recently my V8
has started exhibiting strange behaviour when backing up.  What is
happening is the driver front wheel is locking up. This occurs only in
reverse and only after the brakes are applied.  So long as I don't touch
the brakes the car is fine during backup.  The minute I even slightly
tap the brakes, causes the driver front wheel to completely lock up and
stay locked (even on dry pavement).  Once this occurs the only way to
free up the wheel is to place the car in drive and pull ahead.  The
wheel then resets and is fine again.  It is interesting to note that
when driving forward and applying the brakes the car is fine.
Troubleshooting thus far has yielded the following observations:

    1. Front Driver Brake Pads in excellent shape.
    2. Rotor in excellent shape with no imperfections
    3. When applying the brakes no pulsating (translation: no warped
    4. ABS activated/deactivated yields same results
    5. No brake drag (as far as I can tell)
    6. Noted inner CV Joint boot torn driver's side(could this be a clue

Was wondering could an inner or outer CV Joint exhibit this type of
locking phenomonon?  It seems that by applying the brakes induces torque
on the driveshaft which causes something to lock within the driveshaft
or differential.  It is only on this one wheel?  Has anyone seen or
heard of a CV Joint lock up in one direction only?   I guess the
alternative would be my differential? (say it isn't so....)  Any
thoughts on this subject would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks in