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Re: A transistorized CV Joint?

M Connors wrote:
> Hi.
>     Picking anyone's brain out there for their thoughts.  Recently my V8
> has started exhibiting strange behaviour when backing up.  What is
> happening is the driver front wheel is locking up. This occurs only in
> reverse and only after the brakes are applied.  So long as I don't touch
> the brakes the car is fine during backup.  The minute I even slightly
> tap the brakes, causes the driver front wheel to completely lock up and
> stay locked (even on dry pavement).  Once this occurs the only way to
> free up the wheel is to place the car in drive and pull ahead.  The
> wheel then resets and is fine again.  It is interesting to note that
> when driving forward and applying the brakes the car is fine.
> Troubleshooting thus far has yielded the following observations:
>     1. Front Driver Brake Pads in excellent shape.
>     2. Rotor in excellent shape with no imperfections
>     3. When applying the brakes no pulsating (translation: no warped
> rotors)
>     4. ABS activated/deactivated yields same results
>     5. No brake drag (as far as I can tell)
>     6. Noted inner CV Joint boot torn driver's side(could this be a clue
> ???).
> Was wondering could an inner or outer CV Joint exhibit this type of
> locking phenomonon?  It seems that by applying the brakes induces torque
> on the driveshaft which causes something to lock within the driveshaft
> or differential.  It is only on this one wheel?  Has anyone seen or
> heard of a CV Joint lock up in one direction only?   I guess the
> alternative would be my differential? (say it isn't so....)  Any
> thoughts on this subject would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks in
> advance.
> Mark
Chances are that the problem is a missing (Or sheared off) top caliper
mounting bolt.