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Re: Ronin/S8

At 16:31 99-03-15 -0500, Scott Sierakowski wrote:

>What is a S8 exactly, in the USA we don't get the good cars.  Does
>anyone have any idea what is in a S8 for a motor?  Is it a V8, V8 turbo,
>V8 bi-turbo?

It has a N/A 4.2 V8 with 340hp - a tweaked version of the engine found on
the A8 (which produces "only" 300hp). I believe the recently introduced
updated model features 5 valve engine with 360hp. The car is available with
either 6sp manual or 5sp Tiptronic transmission.

Aleksander Mierzwa
Warsaw, Poland
87 Audi 5000CS turbo (mine)
88 Renault Medallion wagon (mom's)
91 mountain bike (just in case both cars break at the same time :-)