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Re: Ford Tempo Quattro?

yep, it's real.  don't know the drivetrain details (real AWD or part-time?
open or viscous diffs?), but i knew a guy with one and it was a tank -
weighed about a zillion tons, and still had a typical wimpy 80's Ford motor.
he liked it, but he wasn't too discerning.  i pretty much think it was a
piece of junk, Tempos were underpowered and poor handling enough without
adding significantly more poundage.

Mike Arman wrote:

> Went out for lunch and saw a mid to late 80s Ford Tempo 4 dr with North
> Dakota license plate (think lots of snow) and a little emblem "All Wheel
> Drive" under the Ford emblem on the trunk.
> Does this car exist (it almost makes sense, car being from ND) or is this
> guy doing some badge engineering?