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Speaking of S8's et al.

I actually drove the S8 for about an hour and 45 minutes while 
out of the country.  It was a very frustrating drive, can't 
say it wasn't an exciting drive as it was raining heavily, 
and the "river" that also acts as sewer to the particular 
city I was in was starting to overflow onto the road. Drove 
a whole 4 kilometers in that time.  Very quiet cabin and 
wipers worked well....

A while ago I was seeking an S8 for an aquantance here in
the US. When he saw it was a useless quest he opted for 
the Mercyless Benz E55.  These are hard to get and generally 
go for $10-20K over sticker.  I found one for him (at about 
$10K for the person who had a spot in line to buy the car.) 
In my quest I have a line on another guy who has one (a 
deposit down and the right to order one right away) any 
color etc. the buyer wants.  

If any lister has someone who wants an E55, let me know
and we can both make a few bucks finders fee. The 
dealship has already offered the guy $7K for is spot in 



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