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Re: Another ur-quattro goes back ...

Elliott Potter wrote:
> Phil Payne wrote:
> >
> > For those unfamiliar with Leberkaese - it's what Spam ought to be.
> Spam ought to be buried in an unmarked grave at midnight -- my question
> is how did you manage to dig it up during your break?

I think the US Military buried Spam when they switched from C-Rations to
MREs.  While I never ate MREs, in C-Rat "Ham & Eggs", which BTW were
universally despised, the tiny pieces of "ham" were Spam.  Think some
Corpsmen used the stuff as a Syrup of Ipecac substitute.  Now Leberkaese
and it's veal loaf cousin (two items the local German butcher makes
every Saturday) are, IMHO to die for and like Spam, you probably would
(die) if you ate them regularly.
MJ Murphy