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Re: Tempo Quattros

   Tempos are pieces of crap (I would know; I had one as a co. car) and the
   AWD ones are even worse.

I dunno; spent a lot of time in various rentals (on-site contracting),
better than most other rentals.

   Rear axle shafts--fail with annoying regularity, and not serviceable
   except to replace as complete assemblies. Oh, sorry, they're on

Dunno...replace "axle" with "electrics" -- sounds like Audi...

   Exhaust manifold--prone to cracking, special to that model only, none in
   junkyards, $600+ new.

Sounds like an Audi to me! (They love to have special-to-that-short-run-
of-that-model-only parts...of course I speak of UrQs here...)

   More weight than the already heavy, underpowered 2wd model.

This definitely has Audi written all over it!