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Re: Soul for sale, (no need to worry)

I have Gran Turismo and a '91 200tq. From my perspective I agree they
are not the same. One is only a TV picture. However, it's not safe or
practical to run the 200 full tilt on public roadways. GT is the first
simulator I have seen that has real enough physics that you actually
need to understand what the car is doing to drive it well. I find it
serves to get some of my agressive driving tendencies out of my system
so that I'm not so much of a menace on the freeways of North America. 
P.S. GT2 is supposed to include VW cars, so I would think Audi's will be
included as well.

PlyBoyDoct@aol.com wrote:
> Hm....but the THRILL factor is SLIGHTLY different when your sitting in your
> living, from going 160mph driving down I-90 bridge with a 200tq20v.  Its just
> not the same.
> Personally, I prefer the real thing.
> And I didn't know they had a YMCA car.  HM....Grans Turismo must be different
> from the US version.  Anyone noticed that Gran T doesn't have ANY Audi's at
> ALL or any BMWs?  Or any Volvos?
> Jason C
> Audi 200t10v
> Redmond WA