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clutch pedal hangs - 864kq

Recently - past couple of weeks the clutch pedal oftentimes does not come
back fully when I remove my foot from it after shifting. It seems the
problem is continuous until the cabin gets warm. Then the pedal sometimes
comes fully up and sometimes not. I pull it all the way up with my foot
for fear that the semi depressed clutch pedal would be like riding the
I looked in the archives and saw that Dan had a similar problem in 1996.
Al had suggested it was a leaky slave cylinder. Not being a mechanic and
not having a Bentley manual I do not know what a slave cylinder is or
where it is. Is this a job for a non mechanic or should I visit my
"friendly" ($$$) Audi dealer?
Also, what can happen if I just lived with it?  Right now I have gotten
to the point where I  pull up the clutch after engagement with my foot by
reflex. My concern would be that this might not work eventually and that
the pedal would stay down in the non engaged position.
Any comments, ideas, advice would be greatly appreciated.
BTW the car runs great and has 236k miles with no work ever needed on the

Thanks in advance,
1986 4kq

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