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Re: Ronin - must see TV; Authentic engine noise???

Aleksander Mierzwa decided to speak these words:

>Yes, I believe all engine sounds exactly matched the cars. I particularly
>liked the chase scene with the M5. Probably risking some flames from the
>fellow Audi fans ;-), I have to say that after listeting to the revving
>straight six for several minutes, I begin to understand those bimmer fans
>who say that "BMW is a drug".

Yeah, when i was "racing" an M5 last week, or maybe it was the week 
before, i dunno, i reember vividly the sound of that I6 going by me.  Man 
what a sound.  But i could still keep up with him pretty easily.  it was 
definitely a fast trip from work to san francisco.  

It probably was that i was in 4th and he was probably in 5th, i dunno, 
but he was fast, i guess i am that fast cause he never did get away from 
me....hehe. ...


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