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Calling Canadian Listers

Hi all,

Unfortunately where I am located (Regina, Saskatchewan) there is little
in terms of parts/service for anyone who wants to "tune" Audi's (much
less anything else...).  I am considering ordering some parts from the
US...anyone have any experiences with this?   I know I have to fork over
for GST, a handling fee and of course exchange on my cdn $.  I am
wondering about additional duties, brokerage fees that I might get hit

Presently, I am looking for new wheels and tires...I can get tires thru
local dealers, however they don't stock the ones I want (not
all-season!) and they bring them in from other cities.  Wheels however
present a problem...seems to be Crager or American Racing are my only
local choices...no Borbet, TSW, BBS etc.  I am looking for URL or phone
numbers/address of canadian shops which I can order tires/wheels
thru...anyone know of any??

If this doesn't pan out, very seriously considering ordering the whole
package from the Tire Rack.

(I hope at some point to actually start contributing to this list
instead of just asking questions!)