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Re: Hydraulic hose rebuild

At 08:59 PM 3/16/99 PST, Matt Martinsen wrote:
>I need information from those of you that have had power steering hoses 
>rebuilt.  I have a competent shop in mind to do it, my question is will 
>the shop need any special connectors, or do they simply reuse all 
>connectors on the hose?  It is the pressure hose to the rack.  What 
>rating hose did you use? approx. $?  I can get a new one from both blau 
>and TPC for $89.

i had one made for $60 by an aero hose manufacturer.
it was completely overspec'ed.
they cut off the old ends, cleaned and replated them, welded on new hose
crimp connections, crimped on new hoses, and covered the whole thing with a
silicone fireproof and abrasion resistant sleeve.
the pump is rated at 150 bar, so 3kpsi rated hose should be good enough...