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Re: KS (2.8 inj.) recall

I hear that!

That's exactly the attitude I received when I asked AoA about the faulty
'92 head gaskets; the car is just too damned old and you can't afford a new
Audi so we dislike you and your question.

Sean Ford
Antique '92 Audi 100CS 5-spd 44k mi

johnc@together.net on 03/17/99 08:31:17 AM

To:   Sean Ford
cc:   quattro@coimbra.ans.net
Subject:  Re: KS (2.8 inj.) recall

probably only that the '92 cars fall into the 'way too old for us to give a
sh*t about' category, but we anxiously await a part number posting from a

Sean_Ford@idx.com wrote:

> To:   quattro
> Oh, well THAT'S great! The 12v V6 was introduced in the '92 model 100.
> only '93 - '95 I wonder? Does anyone know what the difference is between
> the '92 and '93-'95 fuel injectors?