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Re: Wasted Audi..::sigh::

On Tue, 16 Mar 1999 PlyBoyDoct@aol.com wrote:
> By now I'm ready to fork over my slushbox to her and take her keys.  But
> instead, I got her phone number and asked her out on a date.(hee hee)  
> HEY!  If I can't own a 200tq20v, I can go out with one that drives one. ;)

Well - that's an interesting variation on "He wants me for my body" ;>

cat [who can't imagine going out with someone for *just* their car]
"A cat spends her life conflicted between a deep, passionate and profound
desire for fish and an equally deep, passionate and profound desire to
avoid getting wet.  This is the defining metaphor of my life right now."