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Re: Putting some in their places...

> really care what your S4 has in it, when it get's to the track, it's going to
> get beaten by some super-trick BMW or Porsche.  Life.

sure, agreed, i love BMW's, Porsche's, anything fun i get to drive, and i
appreciate cool engineering no matter who it comes from.  BUT when you say
'super-trick' you get into the world of custom car building, and the basic model
just becomes a building block for whatever craziness you want to do.  CJ it sounds
like you have lots of track time, so you have seen those unlikely mismatches where
some guy in a nutso Golf has a car that is beating exotics right?  it's just what
you want to spend at that point, and what your personal preferences are for a
starting point. so you know somebody can build a super-trick S4 that'll kick a
super-trick M5's butt, until the M5 guy blueprints his motor, etc. ad infinitum.
keep in mind Audi's Touring Car dominance until Quattro was ruled out...  like any
mfr. they have their very distinct advantages and disadvantages...

i completely agree with your contradicting the 'Audi beats BMW/Porsche/whatever'
logic, but don't start in with 'BMW/Porsche/whatever beats Audi', it's equally
stupid.  if you want to do that, we can go down to the local oval and get into the
Ford-Chevy discussions (actually MOPAR Rules Dude! Hemi-Power!  just kidding :-)

> Later!  This is the end of this bandwidth, as far as I'm concerned.

were that it was so easy!