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Re: CQ 20vT?

>Slow down a bit.  A few hundred or so of us would like to hear intricate
>details for the part in between "pretty much the only thing we kept
>was...the block, the head...as we turned this beast into a turbocharged
>rally car."

Derek, keep in mind that Mark Nelson has reminded us in the past that it
is possible (and in his opinion cost effective) to "retrofit" a turbo
onto the 20V NA engine.

Now this also requires new pistons or a head spacer to lower the compression
ratio, perhaps different rods if this is to be very high HP, and probably
more than a little custom fabbing of brackets, fittings, etc. to get
the turbo, intercooler, and manifold setup to fit.  Plus you still need
a harness and ECU, and probably 2 pages of other crap to get this all to

If you have the means to build a race car, the preceeding paragraph is
probably not too frightening.  But for the rest of us mortals, just
thinking about it will (or should if you are really thinking) cause heart
palpitations and fainting.

I certainly believe such a rebuild/ homebrew project could be much
lower cost than a 3B swap.  But very few of us have the engineering skills
and resources to do it properly.  For the rest, a transplant is the most
realistic alternative.

Matt Rooke