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withdrawl and brakes

I finally got my brake master cylinder replaced, after months
of looking at my 4kq in the driveway and not being able to
drive it.  Torture, I tell ya.  Took it for a much-needed
spin and enjoyed some gravel and hilly curves near my house,
and got my fix of Quattro fahrvergnugen.  Unfortunately, it
still has the symptom it had before the new MC: no quick
stopping power, especially going downhill.  It takes little
pressure to stop gradually, but I really have to stomp on it
to stop with any sort of suddenness.  The Bentley says the
brake booster is the next thing to suspect, and I tend to
agree.  Do I have to buy a brand new one, or does somebody
sell these things reconditioned?  I probably could use new
wheel cylinders too, but those are peanuts compared to a 
booster.  Do I have to break the bank to fix this?