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Re: Bosch +4's in MC motor

In a message dated 99-03-17 16:59:50 EST, you write:

<< Whats bad about regular platinums again?  Are you saying you'd get a
 set of champions or AC's
 over platinums?!?  What marketing image?  I never saw an infomercial,
 did you?  Bosch would never put their name on garbage.  Bosch doesnt
     Bosch tested the +4s in a bmw engine near rev limit for something
 like a week straight to try to
 detect a single misfire, they repeat this a bunch of times.  Bosch
 wouldn't release a crappy plug.  Who else uses or has even heard of
 ytrillium alloy?
I have to agree here.  You guys may think I'm loony or full of $hit but I've
run Bosch plats for 50k miles in an MC motor, and 100K in a dorF 5.0 EFI.
Even at these mileages they still didn't look bad or misfire, but the
electrode had lost maybe .010 or .015 and I didn't want to push my luck.  I
might even have the 100k ones laying around from the dorF.  Could someone
explain EXACTLY what is happening to their plugs?  Mine just seem to consume
the electrode VERY slowly.  Square them up with a point file, regap, and put
them back in.  No build up, deposits, anything.  I just don't understand.

Jim Accordino