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Re: The wonders of the WOT switch

> Well, I went down the the parking lot and popped my hood to check this out,
> and I think I know what your describing.  The throttle cable hooks into a
> black plastic rocker of sorts, and that is attached to a vertical
> pivot/linkage that goes down into the throttle body.  With the car off,
> ignition off, you can twist the linkage and let go and observe the dampening
> or "resistance" effect of the "dashpot" as you call it, but where is it?  Is
> it on the underside of the throttle body?  On the top, there's just the
> linkage.  

None of my coupes have a dashpot, the throttle just snaps shut (of
course it has to pull the accel linkage, maybe that's enough to slow it)
- is this a turbo only or UrQ only feature?
Huw Powell


82 Audi Coupe; 85 Coupe GT