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86 5kcstq diff locks

The center diff lock on my 86 5kcstq has never worked.  Today I finally got
a chance to look at it.  Put the switch to the 1 position no light, same as
always.  Reached down to the accuator and manually pulled it back.  Moved
very easy and the light came on,  diff engaged.  Ran new lined but it still
would not engage so I am assuming it is a bad accuator, order a new one
tomorrow.  I then locked the diff manually and was headed for the dirt to
see if it handled differently in the dirt with the center diff engaged.
Pulled out of the driveway in reverse when I pushed in the clutch to shift
into first it slowed kind of like the park brake was engaged.  The diff then
disengaged and will not engage again.  No strange noises or clunks.  Any
ideas, did I break something.