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I need new shocks.  I can get a set of Boges for $279, seems like a 
pretty good price, I'm assuming turbo gas, but my quote just said 
"boges." I plan on checking with TPC as I noticed today they sell boge 
shocks.  About $100 less than Konis.  I plan on keeping the stock 
springs in my car.  I'm interested in what people have experienced with 
Boges, pros/cons, and with the Konis.  My brother has Konis in the front 
end of his 91 200Q and they do keep the front end under control 
significantly better than my car, both under acceleration and braking, 
and less lean on the corners.  I'm getting a lot of porpising when the 
boost kicks in, the front end rears up way to much.  I'm concerned about 
a potential lift of the car, I seem to recall something like that on the 
list a while back, but it seems unlikely given the proper shocks.
-Matt Martinsen
Seattle, WA
'86 5KTQ
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