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Re: CGT Mods

> after I went ape$hit with my dad's Dumor hand grinder.  They worked pretty
> good six years later with a little refinement on a big cam, high rev motor,
> but I had removed too much material to ever have them work on a
> street/compromise engine.  Tell me a little more about what you ground on your
> head and how the cam is holding up/working.  How many miles since you did
> this?
> Jim Accordino
	Yea, going ape shit was my first impulse too, I just wanted to hog
it our.  The more i looked into it, though, I learned that keeping the
basic original dimensions was critical, especially since I do not have a
flow bench.  The short side radius on the exhaust is a nightmare,
basically makes a 90 degree turn.  I tried tapering that as much as
possible.  I have actually tallked to a guy who acutally moves the ports
up on VW's to make the angle more obtuse!  I focused a lot of attention on
the inside of the bowl and where the valve guide comes out.  There are a
lot of right angles leading up to the valve stem.  I smoothed those out on
the sides, and really opened things up inside the exhaust, where the sides
of the base of the valve guide allmost touch the sides of the bowl.  I
finished the intake with about 80 grit, and about 120 in the exhaust.  I
really went to work on the intake runners with a sanding roll (and of
course matched the gasget with dowels, and the
inlet where the throttle body matches up-There is plenty of material to
hog out inside there where the wall actually comes in the path of the
thr/body.  Im no pro, and it was my first experience, but my results were
very satisfying!
	Anyone else out there with porting experience who would like to
share (Mik)???   ;)

Javad Shadzi
86 coupe GT