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Re: Transmission Parts for a V8 Quattro

mhughes@calibresys.com writes:
>Does anybody know where I can find transmission parts(new/used) for a 
>'90 Audi V8 Quattro?  I am looking for the discs that are contained
>the transmission, but possibly the entire transmission. Dealer wants an 
>amount that is not realistic.  Distance is not a problem.

Try these guys:


Also, if you can find a good ZF shop/man, (BMW usually) 
it might be your best bet.  I wouldn't trust the dealer to do
anything inside the transmission.  Audi NEVER 
trained their personell in the ZF automatics, their
only "official" recourse to even minor problems is to 
replace the entire tranny.   There have been more 
than a few trannies actually broken by dealers
who don't properly mate the tranny to the engine 
and cause damage to the pump.  There was 
a lister who worked at a dealer looking for parts on 
here a while back, from his description of what 
happened, the dealership broke the tranny while
doing another job, and of course charged the owner
for ALL the work done.  



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