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Re: Delrin or poly...

On Thu, 18 Mar 1999 JustaxPHX@aol.com wrote:
> are you going to get from a rod that runs approx. 45 degrees to the centerline
> of the car?  If you're really serious about this, take another look under the
> car and consider remounting the panhard rod behind the axle, at 90 degrees to
> the centerline of the car, like Audi did on the Type 44 chassis.
	We must be talking about two different things.  I was referring to
a simple, basically free modification to optimize the factory set up, not
redesign the rear suspension.  Theories aside, it made a real diffence in
the handling attitude of my car...for a minimal investment.  The bar is
not as angled as you say, maybe 10 degrees from horizontal or less.

... high on the list.  Still, if the sparks you saw were really coming
from the panhard rod, then I suspect the car was lowered waayyyy too much for optimal

	The bar was spraying sparks because it had BENT IN HALF due to
the cornering forces...signaling that in needed some serious

Javad Shadzi
86 Coupe GT