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Re: Delrin or poly...

> 	We must be talking about two different things.  I was referring to
>  a simple, basically free modification to optimize the factory set up, not
>  redesign the rear suspension.

At the risk of beating a dying, if not dead horse (which my girlfriend tells
me I do a lot!), I don't think any modification will "optimize" the factory
setup.  If you analyze each piece of the suspension individually as well as
part of the whole, you'll quickly realize that without the rubber bushings,
the whole thing would bind-up solid and/or bend instead of move freely.  As
such, I find the suggestion that stiffening any one part of the suspension
without addressing the others is potentially misguided.

> Theories aside, it made a real diffence in the handling attitude of my
car...for a minimal investment.

I never doubted that it made a difference but I am skeptical that it was
actually an improvement ... of course, I've played around with cars enough to
realize that the real-world results often end up differing from the calculated
ones!  However, I spent quite a bit of time tinkering with the 4k chassis nine
years ago and am confident I have a good understanding of it and how it works.
Based on this (and I admit that your results may well differ because you've
modified your car in other ways), I'm skeptical that your modified panhard rod
is, by itself, the source of a net improvement in your car's handling.  

> The bar is not as angled as you say, maybe 10 degrees from horizontal or

But how many degrees relative to the centerline of the car?  Sometime, just
for the fun of it, pull the shocks off and run the axle up and down through
the full range of suspension movement while measuring toe and camber change
... you'll be amazed by what you find!

>  	The bar was spraying sparks because it had BENT IN HALF due to
>  the cornering forces...signaling that in needed some serious
>  reinforcement.

I assume you're talking figuratively here since the car has enough ground
clearance in stock form that the *only* way the panhard rod will ever hit the
pavement is if you're running on 20" diameter slicks and have lowered the car
by more than a few inches ... even then, I suspect the sparks came from
contact with a bump and not the track surface itself.

But, Hey, if you're happy with your car, great.  I do a pretty good job of
making racecars go around corners quicker but I have a difficult time
improving the handling of street cars while still keeping them streetable.
Obviously,  YMMV...