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Re: Interior material

John Larson wrote:
> Good morning. I'm looking for a piece of original gray cloth fabric,
> possibly the back panel of a trashed front seat, for my Lago 90 90 20v.
> The seat bottom cover is NLA, and the factory informs me that they
> cannot even make me one as they have no more fabric. The seat is only
> worn from entry/exit and I think we could make the panel if we had a
> piece of fabric. I've already got the new pad. Anybody out there that
> can help?
> TIA, John


My leather front seats from my now defunct 84 Turbo 5000 had rips in
them and the leather was hard. (Non repairable).  I got the bottom and
back of the back seats with the same material with the leather still
pretty soft. Used that leather and made new front bottom seats for the
front.  They look like new and real soft. Cost about a $100 to have sewn
up and used the old leather as a patern.  

Pat Korach
Kirkland, WA