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Re: Delrin or poly...

>         We must be talking about two different things.  I was referring to
> a simple, basically free modification to optimize the factory set up, not
> redesign the rear suspension.  Theories aside, it made a real diffence in
> the handling attitude of my car...for a minimal investment.  The bar is
> not as angled as you say, maybe 10 degrees from horizontal or less.

but it goes forward at an angle of 20-30 deg to the lateral line which
is what Scott meant I think.  But really, to optimise the cgt rear
suspension shouldn't you put a 4kq setup back there with the lower

That lack of independent rear suspension is my only real beef with the
2wd coupe.  after the exhaust manifold, that is.  But what do I really
care, I'm sure I never push it enough to notice...

Huw Powell


82 Audi Coupe; 85 Coupe GT