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Re: Ignition switch mechanism / 5ktq assembly wanted

In a message dated 99-03-18 09:15:42 EST, you write:

<< The actual key switch mechanism that engages
 the switch is worn excessively.  Does anyone have any experience with this >>

I replaced the electrical portion of my switch before I REALLY looked at it.
There is an alloy shaft that connects the key cylinder to the electrical
switch.  From years of using too much turning force against the stop this
shaft actually twists like a candy cane.  You can CAREFULLY twist this back in
the opposite direction with a pair of pliers.  You do not need to twist it
much and I would imagine you could snap it if you twisted it too much.  I've
done two so far and they were very easy to fix and actually seem to stay fixed
so long as you don't jack the key against the stop.

Jim Accordino